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Picture Hanging Systems

TRACK & SLIDE® Systems

In order to choose the best TRACK & SLIDE® system for your purposes, first decide whether the art object should hang directly on the wall, or on wires. Our picture hanging systems offer flexibility.

Direct wall hanging is advantageous for museums, hotels and private or public permanent exhibitions, because the art work is firmly attached to the wall, making it difficult to deliberately remove it.
In contrast, wire hanging via gallery rails/tracks offers more flexibility because the position of the wires in the wall tracks can be varied. The additional advantage is that no damage is caused to the walls by drilling holes for each individual painting. Wire hanging is thus particularly suitable for galleries and temporary exhibitions.

Our TRACK & SLIDE ® elements are needed for direct wall hanging, while our TRACK & WIRE® elements, together with wire ropes and TRACK & SLIDE® WALL TRACKS (RAILS) are needed for wire hanging.

We offer picture hanging systems in various sizes that are specially adapted to the different picture dimensions and weights of the paintings. If you know the estimated size and weight of your paintings, you can choose which of the individual TRACK & SLIDE® or TRACK & WIRE® parts you need from our Usage Table. Alternatively, we can happily offer you personal advice.

For paintings on loans, changing exhibitions, and paintings with existing ring or D-hangers, we recommend HOOK4WALL (for direct wall hanging) or HOOK4WIRE (for hanging on wires). Both systems offer higher level of theft protection.

Our TRACK & GLIDE system is particularly suitable for paintings that, require security as well as the smallest possible distance between the wall and art object.

We offer suitable accessories for the depot storage, as well as transportation of art objects. If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us and we will be happy to help out.

Downloads - Picture Hanging Fixtures

Mounting Instructions:

Mounting instructions for Double Wall Track (PDF file) Mounting instructions for JUNIOR® on frame (PDF file) Mounting instructions for SLIDE on wall and TRACK on frame (PDF file)

Usage Table

Here is a PDF file of the Usage Table to facilitate your selection of TRACK & SLIDE® and TRACK & WIRE® picture hanging systems. You can decide which elements to use according to the weight and size of your paintings. Should you need advice, please feel free to contact us

PDF file Usage Table

Picture Wall Hanging with Anti-theft Device:

Heavy Objects:

Wire Suspension:

TRACK&SLIDE® M/L and TRACK JUNIOR® M have suitable connecting elements that can be attached to a rope suspension, if needed.

Depot Hanging:

For safe depot hanging, our Depot Screws are screwed or slid into the existing TRACK Elements. This allows the object to be hang on the depot grid without any loose parts hindering safe and secure hanging.


Special transport screws are screwed into the TRACK elements, and then mounted into a transportation box for the safe transportation of art objects.


Do you have any questions about our products?

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