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Track & Slide® - About Us

The picture hanging systems Track & Slide® / Track & Wire® were developed by the art restorer Georg Hayde and the engineer Ernst Frey.

With these hanging systems, it was for the first time possible to transport, hang, fit, secure and store paintings without having to remove the hanging elements from the picture. Unique designs were created to reduce the risk of possible damage to the art objects.

Track & Slide® and Track & Wire® products are recommended by art insurance companies. The high quality of our products, customer satisfaction, and the recommendations given by experts form the basis of our success.

Track & Slide® and Track & Wire® picture hanging systems are currently used by museums, galleries and private collectors throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, to the benefit of countless masterpieces.

Track & Slide® is produced in Germany. Attention is paid to ecological sustainability.

Karen Hanrahan came to Germany with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Illinios and a Master of Science Degree from Iowa State University. Her diverse support enabled the development of Track & Slide® as well as Track & Wire®, and ultimately led to the establishment of the retail business in 1999. Mrs. Hanrahan, owner, is responsible for customer service, customer advice, and orders.

Ursula Breitenfellner has been part of the Track & Slide team since 2013 and is responsible for customer service, customer support, technical advice and order processing. She also learned the craft of restoring paintings and frames from Georg Hayde.

Georg Hayde studied art restoration with Bruno Heimberg at the Doernerinstitut, Munich. Before becoming an independent restorer, he worked at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and the Kunsthaus Zurich. He developed Track & Slide® as well as Track & Wire® and is an independent technical consultant for Track & Slide®.

We are happy to advise and give picture hanging recommendations

Checklist - To offer advise, we need the following information:

  • Estimated size and weight of the art objects, dimensions of the frames - especially from the backside.
  • Are the paintings, sculptures, objects to be hung directly on the wall or using wire ropes?
  • Information on the size of the room or condition of the walls is useful.
  • Are you interested in direct mounting on site?


In addition, if desired and feasible, we can put together a specialized team to mount the hanging elements to the frames and hang the paintings. This is done by a specialized team. Should you be interested in this service, we will examine the technical conditions in detail and provide a cost estimate.

Our full service includes professional advice on hanging objects, fixing pictures, restoring paintings and picture frames, and designing and producing custom-made frames.


Do you have any questions about our products?

Please contact us.

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